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AlanSafier | actor, singer, playwright, teacher

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by Rupert Holmes
The life, laughter and love
of George Burns and Gracie Allen.
The story of his 100 years, from his first day until his last.
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Alan Safier as George Burns
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by Alan Safier


Everett and Simon are honeymooning in Vegas, as are Adam and Vincent. Both couples are mismatched. Things get complicated when Everett and Adam bump into each other and it turns out they were once a couple, too. A modern re-telling of a Noël Coward classic.

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by Alan Safier

When Tommie Broadwater was 7, he landed the title role on the sitcom "It's Always Rory!" Now suffering from depression, he decides to reveal everything to his still-adoring public — in a shocking and consequential way!

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by Alan Safier

Jonny, Teddy and Roy grew up together in the '50's and '60's. They meet before their 50th high school reunion. Can they forgive one another for their failures — and their successes?

*Say, Kids! poster_a comedy.tiff

by Alan Safier

A comedy-drama examining eight adult relationships in eight short scenes featuring eight characters.

by Alan Safier
What does it mean
to be male in the 21st century?

Ask Rick, Ed, Trae, Kody and Skyler: two Baby Boomers, a Gen X-er, a Gen Y-er and a Millennial.
Love, Loss, & What I Drove by Alan Safier
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by Alan Safier

There’s a decent fellow down there somewhere.
Now all Pete has to do is find him.
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