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“A Standing O! Our audiences were thrilled by ALAN SAFIER’s performance. Top notch all the way.”

—Teresa Sanpietro, Bucks County (Pa.) Playhouse


“It’s a chuckling, gentle, nostalgic night...all thanks to ALAN SAFIER, a masterful narrator, a splendid portrayer of a 20th century treasure.”                                                      —Ted Hadley, Buffalo News

“The audience was mesmerized. Heartwarming, funny, thoughtful. A hit production on all counts.”

—Rachele Patrignelli, Nelson Hall at Elim Park (Conn.)


“A can’t-miss show. I highly recommend it.”         —Michael Duncan, Oconomowoc (Wisc.) Arts Center

“Our audiences were blown away by ALAN SAFIER’s flawless performance as George Burns. He transported us through the life of an extraordinary man with heart and humor.”

—Taryn Sacramone, Queens (N.Y.) Theatre

"HILARIOUS"                                                                                          —New Yorker magazine                                    
“A huge hit — the box office is getting rave reviews.”      —Amy Kaissar, Bristol (Pa.) Riverside Theatre


“Some shows stand out as extraordinary. Say Goodnight Gracie is definitely one of those. ALAN SAFIER’s portrayal of George Burns is nothing short of stupendous.  This is a show that I can absolutely recommend to other presenters.”                                —Tommy Hensel, Dorothy Menker PAC, Chicago

“Our audiences loved it. We sold out three straight shows and easily could have presented more. A well-delivered, well-executed piece of theatre.”                      —Tiina Mittler, Curtis Theatre, Brea, Calif.

“A MUST SEE!”                                                                             —Mark Evans, AP


“Exciting, funny, brilliant, and touching are four words to describe ALAN SAFIER’s performance in Say Goodnight Gracie.”                                                     —Nadia Ahmad, The Palos Hills (Ill.) Glacier

“SAFIER is amazing. He has the audience’s rapt attention from beginning to end. They completely forget it isn't Burns onstage. A stellar performance.”                     —Shirley Stary, Lakeside (Ohio) Association

“MESMERIZING!”                                                                                       —Robyn Carter, CBS

“ALAN SAFIER’s portrayal of the legendary comedian George Burns ranks among the best. He seems to channel the heart and soul of the cigar-smoking star. Safier IS Burns!”

—Ron Jewell, Bartlett (Tenn.) Performing Arts Center


“The audience is transported to a different time and place!  I feel like I know both George and Gracie  personally.”                                                                —Lenny Bart, Quincy  (Ill.) Community Theatre

“You’ll be in heaven yourself, at least for an hour and a half.”             —Bruce Weber, New York Times

“You’ll laugh and you'll cry and you’ll laugh some more."—Kim Simari, Merrimack Hall, Huntsville, Ala.


“ALAN SAFIER’s  performance as George Burns is amazing! He isn’t acting. He IS the man.”  

—Dwight Vaught, Arts Alive!, Kenosha, Wisc.


"IRRESISTIBLE!"                                                                 —Howard Kissel, New York Daily News

“George Burns comes alive again for 95 wonderful, endearing minutes. I strongly recommend it!”   

                                            —Jeffrey Lyons, NBC-TV

“We in the audience never want to say goodnight to Say Goodnight Gracie.” 

    —The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer

"VERY, VERY FUNNY!"                                                               —Michael Sommers, Star-Ledger

“Some cultures have a word for laughing and crying at the same time. You’ll understand that feeling when you see Say Goodnight Gracie.”                                                                   —Miami Herald

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