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AlanSafier | voice-overs

al'un safe'yur  1. regular-guy reads that are approachable and sincere;
2. a voice-print that is warmed by a trustworthy, genuinely empathetic tone; see also: texture.

Newco Artists Agency (formerly Abrams Artists)
618 978 1553
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Commercial Demo
1-minute demo
Animation Reel
Clairol Nice 'n' Easy "Clairol Foam Gigi"
:60 TV  |  low-key announcer
Turbo Tax "Easy/Accurate"
:60 radio  |  non-announcery
City of Hope "Hope"
:60 radio  |  warm, sincere, caring
Jack-in-the-Box "Life Gets Better"
:60 radio  |  guy-next-door
Smythe Jewelers "Necklace"
:60 radio  |  real husband, dialogue
AC Radio Liner "What's Easier?"
:15 radio  |  warm, friendly announcer
Longaberger Homestead "Mother's Day"
:60 radio  |  real dad, dialogue
La Salsa "No Problem"
:30 radio  |  high-energy announcer
People's Federal "Call-In"
:60 radio  |  natural, real, comedy
Unisys "I.T. Therapist"
:60 radio  |  comedy, broad characterization
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