The Battles of Richmond Hill | by Penny Jackson


Alexi (Alan Safier) greets Sheila's (Nora Chester) grandson Brian (Jordan Ahnquist) as bartender Sean (Mac Brydon) looks on.

Alexi (Alan Safier) explains a few things to Brian

(Jordan Ahnquist).

Alexi (Alan Safier) reveals a big secret to bartender Sean

(Mac Brydon).

Alexi (Alan Safier) is about to be punked by his lady friend Sheila (Nora Chester).

April/May, 2019

HERE Center for the Arts, NYC

These boots are made for walkin' (Nora Chester, Alan Safier).

Alexi (Alan Safier) proposes to Sheila (Nora Chester) for the 58th time as Sean (Mac Brydon) studies.

Alexi (Alan Safier) wants yet another double vodka, but  bartender Sean (Mac Brydon) thinks not.

Just another night of Guinness and vodka at the Dublin Rose bar in Richmond Hill, Queens. (Mac Brydon, Alan Safier, Jordan Ahnquist, Nora Chester, Kevin Gilmartin).

The gang at the Dublin Rose bar in Richmond Hills, Queens: (back row) Alan Safier, Nora Chester, Mac Brydon, Kevin Gilmartin. (Front row): Lyndsay Ryan, Jordan Ahnquist.

  • Strangers in the Night
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  • Frank Sinatra
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Alexi (Alan Safier) tries to make Sheila (Nora Chester) see things his way.

Yes, they've got some wacky people hanging out in Richmond Hill!